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Industrial Excellence Award

Received By Mr. M. K. Sharma (President-BSIL) by the hands of Hon'ble Minister Of Environment & Petro Chemicals, Govt. Of Gujrat Shri. Sourbhbhai Patel in the year 2013. | 05-JUN-2013
Honorary Fellowship Awards of ISCI to Mr. Sunil Bajaj in appreciation of his outstanding Contribution to Cotton Ginning & Pressing by the hands of Honorary Justice Chandrashekhar Dharmadikariji. | 14th June 2011
“The Company has been awarded in Oct. 2010 prestigious ‘Star Export House’ Certificate by ‘Ministry of Commerce & Industry’ through the Office of ‘Zonal Joint Director General of Foreign Trade, Mumbai’ in the recognition of achieving Direct Exports of more than Rs.100 Crores. This will further pave the way for exploring more and more exports markets for the Company. | 12th Oct 2010

Introduction of Bajaj Double Roller Cotton Gin Golden Jubilee Model | 02nd Oct 2010

Bajaj Steel going strong crosses Rs. 300/- mark in share market | 25th Mar 2010
Bajaj Steel and Continental Eagle USA sign new agreement for Ginning, Pressing & Allied Machinery | 12th Feb 2010
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