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Bajaj Steel Buildings is a product of Engineering Excellence & Design Perfection which has been the Bench Mark of Bajaj Steel Ind. Ltd. Bajaj Buildings are Safe, Technologically advanced, Cost Effective, Single stop solution to all the sectors meeting all the customers needs through its versatility in Designing & Fabrication.

Bajaj Steel Buildings has been designed to withstand upto 2MT Additional Crane(EOT) Load on Columns
The Deflection Limits are followed in accordance with the Indian Standard Codes, hence durability of Bajaj Building is more as compared to any other
As all the components are manufactured off site, the usage of heavy equipments and extensive labour at site is drastically reduced.
All the buildings are individually designed for wind loads and earthquake zones to offer long lasting solutions

  • Specialized buildings for cotton ginning & pressing plants
  • Factory sheds
  • Ware houses
  • Workshops
  • Hangars
  • Power plants
  • Cold storages
  • Multi storied buildings
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